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UI Plus

The Ui Plus plugin is an easy-to-use toolkit for building custom user interfaces for Grasshopper 3d. The plugin provides a robust set of controls and visualization elements built on WPF from sliders to text fields. These elements dynamically interact with grasshopper creating the ability to modify a grasshopper definition from a custom front end. Additionally, Ui Plus integrates Live Charts which contains a wide range of data visualization elements from line graphs to scatter plots and heat grids enabling greater user feedback from Grasshopper data. Rhino and grasshopper geometry can also be visualized in real-time using an embedded Rhino viewport control. Each element and the viewer itself has fully customizable graphics from colors to fonts with only a few exceptions at the moment. The plugin balances speed and visual clarity with the Material Design In XAML Toolkit to provide a clean user experience and strives to simplify the Grasshopper setup process making assembling dashboards fast and intuitive.




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