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Layer Color to Layer Material Color

💻 Rhino 5

🔼 Rhino Script

🛠️ Visual Basic


This rhino script allows the user to match the layer’s material color to that layer’s layer color. If no layer material has been applied the script will create a new layer material and match its color.

Option Explicit 
'Script written by <David Mans> 
'Script copyrighted by <NeoArchaic Design> 
'Script version Wednesday, 16 February 2011 12:03:34 
Call Main() 
Sub Main() 
    Dim strLayer 
    strLayer = Rhino.GetLayer("Select Layers To Match") 
    If isNull(strLayer) Then Exit Sub      
    Call Rhino.EnableRedraw(False) 
    Dim intMat, ingColor 
    intMat = Rhino.LayerMaterialIndex(strLayer) 
    ingColor = Rhino.LayerColor(strLayer) 
    If intMat < 0 Then
        intMat = Rhino.AddMaterialToLayer(strLayer) 
    End If
    Call Rhino.MaterialColor(intMat, ingColor) 
    Call Rhino.EnableRedraw(True) 
End Sub


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