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Fab Tab Quad Tiles

💻 Rhino 5, Grasshopper

🔼 Grasshopper 0.9.0075

🛠️ C# Component


This component lays out each face of a mesh as a set of tiles on a two-dimensional plane adding annotated tabs. If faces are quads a crease line is added between the faces' 2nd and 4th vertices to aid in bending. The 3rd vertex is rotated about this same axis to a position planar with the other 3. Developed for paper-cut model fabrication, vertex normals are offset on the original mesh to define tabs that are shared between faces. Each placed tile is indexed according to its original mesh topology order and each tab is labeled with the index of the face it connects to, allowing for ease of re-assembly. The tile’s placement can be limited in height, allowing for sequential rows of limited-height columns, aiding in the layout for fabrication. Tabs depth and edge beveling are variable and tabs can be removed from naked edge conditions. Mesh colors are inherited and transferred when applied to the input mesh.



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