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Divide Curve By Proximity

💻 Rhino 5, Grasshopper

🔼 Grasshopper 0.9.0075

🛠️ C# Component


This component is developed to create a more even aspect ratio for grids by creating points through iteratively sampling proximity to adjacent curves. The process is fairly simple, a point is sampled on a curve at the start of the curve. This point is used to measure the distance from itself to the closest point on the curve, before and after it in a list. This distance is then averaged by a user-specified weighting between the shortest and longest value, and a new point is created at this distance along the curve from the current sample point. This process is repeated till the curve length is met at which point the remainder difference can be distributed across the curves to completely cover the original curve length. Or the original sample points can be used with an optional endpoint added for divisions that do not meet the exact length.



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