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Bitmap Plus

This plugin for Grasshopper opens up a range of tools for bitmap editing and creation. 

Bitmaps can be created pixel by pixel, imported, or generated and previewed live in the canvas. Both System Drawing Bitmaps and Bitmap Plus Image objects can then be used in a series of components. Procedural noise bitmaps can be generated using components built on the Fastnoise algorithm.

Images can then be manipulated using over 100 methods made available from the Accord Imaging Library.

Multiple Images can be composited using the layer system in the Dynamic Image Library which enables the control of layer opacity, filtering, and masking as well as layer transformations and a series of modifiers.

Bitmaps can also be traced into a series of different geometry types including corner points, blob outlines, and limited shape identification using the Accord Imaging Library. General tracing of images is also available using the Potrace library.




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