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Adobe Illustrator Toolkit

The Adobe Illustrator Toolkit developed for Thornton Tomasetti | CORE studio is an interoperability library built on Adobe Illustrators' COM interface.

The toolkit gives designers the ability to bring parametric design to Illustrator through streaming of geometric and graphical information between the two platforms. 

  • Paths Draw simple lines to complex compound paths, modify path graphics, or read paths from selection, layers, documents and other methods. 

  • Text Create text objects along paths or in shapes, set text font and visual appearance or read text properties

  • Graphics Select and apply detailed path graphics with patterns, swatches, and gradients.

  • Symbols Select and transform symbols to rapidly populate detailed objects

  • Layers Create, edit, select, and generally manipulate layers to quickly structure a document

  • Artboards Create, edit, and return artboards to position artwork or create multiple options

  • Documents Automatically open, save, create, and close Illustrator Documents

  • Export Create files in a variety of formats from Raster images to CAD and SVG documents.

  • Application  Access the application object to add or run scripts




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